Re: proposing "notmuch purge"

Subject: Re: proposing "notmuch purge"

Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 07:36:11 +0200

To: Daniel Kahn Gillmor, Notmuch Mail

Cc: Antoine Beaupré

From: Teemu Likonen

Teemu Likonen [2020-01-14T07:01:08+02] wrote:

>     notmuch search --exclude=false --output=files \
>         --format=text0 SEARCH-TERMS
> I think that the "SEARCH-TERMS" part should be configurable, not
> hard-coded.

Obviously there is no need for configuration if purging is just a
command that user runs manually or in his own scripts: "notmuch purge
SEARCH-TERMS". Configuration is needed if some (mail client) operation
does purging automatically.

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