Re: Release process for notmuch 0.35

Subject: Re: Release process for notmuch 0.35

Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2022 18:34:22 -0400



From: David Bremner

David Bremner <> writes:

> I plan to do a feature freeze around the end of January, with a release
> in the first week or so of February.  As usual I'll be soliciting NEWS
> updates after the feature freeze.

We are now in feature freeze. I have pushed a tag 0.35_rc0 and uploaded
a tarball to Feel free to send patches for NEWS, 
for changes you implemented.

Below you will find a lightly edited output from git shortlog.

C├ędric Hannotier (2):
      doc: mail store is given by database.mail_root
      completion: use mail_root for path completion in bash/zsh

David Bremner (92):
      emacs: add minimal docstring for notmuch-unthreaded
      emacs: improve notmuch-*-from-current-query docstrings
      rename built_with.sexpr_query to built_with.sexp_queries
      emacs: drop C-tab binding in hello mode, document <backtab>.
      emacs: run notmuch-search-hook lazily
      config: ignore leading/trailing spaces in ';'-delimited lists
      lib/config: use g_key_file_get_string to read config values
      emacs: don't add space to tag completion candidates.
      emacs: update coolj-line-prefix-regexp to make space optional
      build: move LDFLAGS after notmuch libraries.
      build: move CPPFLAGS after source directory includes.
      build: move {C,CXX}FLAGS to the end of FINAL_{C,CXX}FLAGS
      bindings/python-cffi: add matched property to message objects
      test/gpgsm: use --with-colons when calculating fingerprint.
      lib/open: no default mail root in split configurations
      cli/new: only ignore .notmuch at top level
      lib/config: add known config key "show.extra_headers"
      CLI: print extra headers in structured output
      emacs: use --exclude=false when counting total messages
      configure: check for ASAN support
      test: add known broken test for memory leaks in open
      lib/config: move g_key_File_get_string before continue
      lib/database: delete stemmer on destroy
      emacs: define, use option :disable-excludes for n-h-query-counts
      CLI/setup: special case single item lists
      doc: document new option `show.extra_headers`
      emacs: use cached encoded copy for fcc
      lib/parse-sexp: support actual date queries.
      lib/parse-sexp: handle lastmod queries.
      test/sexp: tests for path, folder, including trailing '/' (sexp)
      lib: drop trailing slash for path and folder searches (infix)
      lib: strip trailing '/' from pathnames (sexp queries).

Jani Nikula (3):
      lib: fix commented out NOTMUCH_DEPRECATED()

Kyle Meyer (1):
      emacs/tree: fix docstrings for author faces

LdBeth (1):
      emacs/notmuch-tag.el: add xmlns attribute to svg icons

Michael J Gruber (1):
      configure: Ignore more options that Fedora spec macros expect

Tomi Ollila (2):
      configure: have bash_absolute and perl_absolute always defined
      emacs: add notmuch-logo.svg and use it in emacs mua on graphic displays

jao (2):
      emacs: make header line in notmuch-show buffers optional
      emacs: customizable names for search buffers

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