Re: Autorefresh buffer at set interval

Subject: Re: Autorefresh buffer at set interval

Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2022 09:43:20 -0300

To: Ishe Chinyoka,


From: David Bremner

Ishe Chinyoka <> writes:

> I am sorry if this is in the documentation, but I am failing to pick
> the right spot. Anyway, which variable can I set to have notmuch-poll
> triggered at a set interval?

I don't think this currently exists. You could define your own timer

> BTW, I am on Arch and am running the Offlineimap as a systemd timer to
> pull my messages every fifteen minutes. I also have a Notmuch script
> under the ~/.mail/.notmuch/hooks/ that runs every time offlineimap
> completes the refresh. My problem is now that after all this, I can't
> seem to have the Notmuch emacs interface update automatically without me
> doing a manual refresh with "G" keystroke.

I suspect you only need "g" rather than "G", if you are already running
notmuch new via a hook.

> This morning I tried putting
> notmuch-poll-and-refresh-this-buffer as a function in the notmuch-hello
> hooks.

You may want the function notmuch-refresh-all-buffers; that could go in
your timer.

[1]: (info "(elisp) Timers")

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