Re: moving mail to another maildir based on tags and renaming files

Subject: Re: moving mail to another maildir based on tags and renaming files

Date: Tue, 24 May 2022 11:45:02 +0200



From: erik colson

"inwit" <> writes:

> Yeah, that is correct. But it proved trickier than it seemed to me (thus the
> safeMove2 attempt). 

Yes, I have seen that

> I must confess that I've holding this tag/folder scheme for over a year now, and
> that I'm more and more inclined to reduce the amount of folders that I keep
> (I've recently fused 3 or 4 of my biggest folders into Archive, for example).
> I'm trying to reduce my use of portable devices, and the truth is that search
> engines offered by webmail are slowly getting better, so I feel less exposed by
> not having my mail ranged in folders. I guess the whole tag-based paradigm is
> also settling down on my mind, although I still feel that its nowadays a bit odd
> to rely on a single local copy instead of a cloud-based solution. For this last
> problem, there have been some interesting developments recently that I need to
> investigate (precisely, the nmbug evolution).

I have 1000+ mailboxes linked to projects.  Every project gets a number
and every 'subject' in the project gets its own subfolder.  Take that
down 20+ years and you get 1000+ folders ;)

With notmuch my idea is to bundle the subfolders in the mainfolder so
that would roughly divide the mailboxes by at least 5.  With notmuch the
subfolders are definitely to be tags.  I want to keep the folder for
every project to at least have some kind of fallback in case the notmuch
database gets corrupt..  That is my most important fear with notmuch ;)

I was thinking if notmuch offers some kind of 'dump' for the database,
so it can eventually be restored ?

> Anyway, notmuch rocks. :)

quite a lot, in fact !
erik colson
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