Re: Release 0.29.

Subject: Re: Release 0.29.

Date: Sun, 26 May 2019 08:42:49 -0300



From: David Bremner

David Bremner <> writes:

> I know there are several things "in progress", but we've also
> accumulated a fair amount of change since 0.28. I am planning a feature
> freeze for 0.29 on May 31 and (hopefully) a release on June 7.
> d

It's that time again, time to add NEWS items for user facing changes.
Here's a lightly edited git shortlog to jog your memories. We do want to
strike a balance between making sure the important stuff is in NEWS and
having people glaze over at the wall of text of all 1500+ lines of git log.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor (45):

      build: distribute signed sha256sums

      cli/show: pass the siglist directly to the sigstatus sprinter
      crypto: Avoid pretending to verify signatures on unsigned encrypted mail

      gmime-cleanup: drop unused gmime 2.6 content_type from _index_encrypted_mime_part
      gmime-cleanup: no longer need to use GMime major version during build

      emacs: drop use of message-default-charset

      emacs: test notmuch-show during message decryption

      configure: Ensure that GMime can extract session keys

      emacs: Drop content-free "Unknown signature status" button

      cli/show: emit new whole-message crypto status output

David Bremner (56):

      doc: make man pages depend on emacs docstrings

      build: sign tarball instead of sha256sum

      release: use xz compression

      test: add two known broken tests searching for xapian keywords
      lib: use phrase search for anything not ending in '*'

      performance-tests: tests for renamed/copied files in notmuch new

      lib: add 'body:' field, stop indexing headers twice.

      CLI/reindex: fix memory leak
      n_m_remove_indexed_terms: reduce number of Xapian API calls.
      build: drop support for gmime-2.6

      lib/message_file: open gzipped files
      cli/notmuch-show: support gzipped files

      lib/database: index user headers.

David Edmondson (5):

      reply: Include sender as recipient if they were the original recipient

      emacs: Easy access to URLs mentioned in the current message
      emacs: Optionally check for missing attachments in outgoing messages

Doan Tran Cong Danh (1):
      python: support relative path in default database

Jameson Graef Rollins (4):
      tests: run all tests in parallel, if available

Leo Vivier (1):
      emacs: make notmuch-search-interactive-region obsolete

Luis Ressel (3):
      test/T030-config: Separate stdout and stderr output
      Prepend regerror() messages with "regexp error: "
      Add a configure flag to disable rpaths

Léo Gaspard (1):
      emacs: make editing a message as new include FCC

Matt Armstrong (1):
      Emacs: bind "g" to 'notuch-refresh-this-buffer

Maxime Coste (2):
      cli: notmuch show support for --body=false with --format=text
      cli: notmuch show support for --include-html with --format=text

Michal Sojka (1):
      doc: document notmuch new --verbose

Peter Wang (1):
      doc: fix references to search.exclude_tags

Pierre Neidhardt (1):
      emacs: Move notmuch-search-interactive-region to notmuch-lib as notmuch-interactive-region

Tomi Ollila (4):

      configure: check that the version of emacs we may have is at least 24

Vincent A (1):

        python: fix get_property error when property doesn't exist

William Casarin (1):

        emacs: filter tag completions by current query

Yang Sheng (1):

     Fix notmuch-describe-key

hydrargyrum (1):
      python: fix set_sort/add_tag_exclude restype/argtypes typos

rhn (3):
      lib: Explicitly state when replies will be destroyed

Örjan Ekeberg (6):
      emacs: Add References header to forwarded messages

      emacs: Tag forwarded messages with +forwarded (customizable)

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