Re: Does notmuch works on Windows?

Subject: Re: Does notmuch works on Windows?

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2021 07:23:58 -0300


Cc: Claudio Bley

From: David Bremner

<> writes:

> Notmuch seems to be a good solution for dealing with emails in Emacs. I've
> learned that Notmuch as been packaged for a few Linux, BSD and macOS
> operating systems.
> Now, is there a way to have Notmuch running in Windows (v. 8.1) with Emacs?
> Is there a reasonable workaround? 
> Thank you for you time and feedback.

Some years ago, Claudio Bley ported notmuch to Windows [1]. Looking at
github [2], it looks like that project is no longer active. I have
copied Claudio in case he has more up to date information.

The easy path would presumably be to use WSL(2?). I have seen discussion
of that in various web searches, but I don't have any personal
experience with it (and iirc, it needs a newer Windows?).

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