debian 11 notmuch-emacs -> elpa-notmuch?

Subject: debian 11 notmuch-emacs -> elpa-notmuch?

Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2022 22:10:34 -0400



From: Ryan Tate

Hello, the page


"...notmuch-emacs, an Emacs major mode for interacting with 
Notmuch. It is included in the Notmuch package (notmuch-emacs in 

There was indeed a notmuch-emacs package in Debian 10. Moving to 
Debian 11 and trying to install this, I get the message "E: Unable 
to locate package notmuch-emacs".

On 25 August 2020 there was an email message to this list titled 
(in part) "debian: drop notmuch-emacs dependency package". It 
contained this note, which I do not quite understand: 
"elpa-notmuch is now present in oldstable, and we don't need to 
support direct upgrades from older releases than that."

Do I correctly infer that I should now install the debian package 
elpa-notmuch in place of notmuch-emacs?

If so, should the aforementioned web page be updated to say 
"(elpa-notmuch in Debian)" rather than "(notmuch-emacs in 
Debian)"?  Would you like (and is there a way) for me to submit a 
patch to the pages?

Thank you for notmuch, I continue to enjoy it.
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