Re: Change duplicate priority?

Subject: Re: Change duplicate priority?

Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2023 09:20:13 -0300

To: Jesse Rosenthal,


From: David Bremner

Jesse Rosenthal <> writes:

> Depending on how long the scan takes, getmail might pull down both of
> these emails. The second duplicate is available through the emacs change
> index command, but the attachment is not available (since it tries to
> pull the first attachment from the first version, which is just an html
> part).

Hmm. That seems like a bug, the attachement should be drawn from the
"current" version. I will see if I can replicate this with a simple test

> I can usually solve this by deleting the first one by hand, something
> like:
>     notmuch search --output=files id:<mid> | head -1 | xargs rm
> This has a couple of problems, though. (1) It's relying on the Maildir file
> name being a time stamp to get rid of the earlier file, and (2) it
> doesn't actually reindex the file when I run notmuch new, just treating
> it as a rename, so I still get the search results for the older deleted
> file.

What if you use notmuch-reindex instead of notmuch-new after the deletion?

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