Re: Notmuch 0.26 release schedule

Subject: Re: Notmuch 0.26 release schedule

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 09:52:31 -0400



From: David Bremner

David Bremner <> writes:

> David Bremner <> writes:
>> I plan a feature freeze for December 25, and a release (all going well)
>> on or around January 1.
> I've tagged 0.26_rc0 (and uploaded to Debian experimental). I expect a
> few more changes before final release, but I want to start to shake out
> any build problems or API change issues.

Per tradition, we need to start collecting NEWS.

Here's a lightly edited output from git shortlog; some of these things
may already have NEWS items, and some may not need them.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor (68):
      lib: add notmuch_message_reindex
      add "notmuch reindex" subcommand
      database: add n_d_index_file (deprecates n_d_add_message)
      lib: index the content-type of the parts of encrypted messages
      crypto: move into libnotmuch_util
      properties: add notmuch_message_remove_all_properties_with_prefix()
      index: implement notmuch_indexopts_t with try_decrypt
      crypto: index encrypted parts when indexopts try_decrypt is set.
      config: test whether an item is stored in the database by name
      config: define new option index.try_decrypt
      cli/new: add --try-decrypt=(true|false)
      cli/insert: add --try-decrypt=(true|false)
      cli/reindex: add --try-decrypt=(true|false)
      crypto: use stashed session-key properties for decryption, if available
      crypto: new decryption policy "auto"
      cli/reply: use decryption policy "auto" by default.
      cli/show: use decryption policy "auto" by default.
      crypto: record whether an actual decryption attempt happened
      cli/new, insert, reindex: change index.decrypt to "auto" by default
      python: add decrypt_policy argument to Database.index_file()

David Bremner (55):
      lib: index message files with duplicate message-ids
      lib: add notmuch_message_count_files
      lib: add notmuch_thread_get_total_files
      cli/search: print total number of files matched in summary output.
      cli/new: improve error reporting
      Merge branch 'release'
      CLI/new: support maildir synced tags in new.tags
      build: add target to run cppcheck
      lib: return "" rather than NULL from notmuch_thread_get_authors
      python: remove obsolete debian directory

Florian Klink (2):
      python: open messages in binary mode

Gaute Hope (1):
      python: deprecated add_message calls index_file correctly and returns result

Jani Nikula (65):
      lib: index the content type of signature parts
      emacs: sanitize subject in replies
      cli: allow empty strings for notmuch insert --folder argument
      cli: add support for --no- prefixed boolean and keyword flag arguments
      cli: use the negating boolean support for new and insert --no-hooks
      cli: add support for only printing the addresses in notmuch address
      cli/new: support /<regex>/ in new.ignore

Tomi Ollila (3):
      make release archive: common (or no) timestamps

Vladimir Panteleev (13):
      emacs: Refactor subprocess stderr propagation
      emacs: Use make-process when available
      emacs: Refuse requests to refresh tree views while a refresh is running

Yuri Volchkov (6):
      database: move striping of trailing '/' into helper function
      insert: strip trailing / in folder path
      test: show id:<> works even if the first duplicate is deleted
      show: workaround for the missing file problem (7):
      python: add bindings to access config
      python: add default arg to get_config_list
      python: turn get_config_list into a generator
      python: Rename get_config_list to get_configs

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