Re: [PATCH] don't show x-foo tags in search view

Subject: Re: [PATCH] don't show x-foo tags in search view

Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2012 08:44:14 -0400

To: James Vasile

Cc: notmuch mailing list

From: David Bremner

James Vasile <> writes:

> Austin,
> Thanks for the helpful comments.  I redid the patch to take a list of
> regexps.  That way users can banish different kinds of tags or simply
> list the tags themselves.  I've responded to your comments in text below
> the patch.

I think the patch is probably OK now contentwise, but the commit message
is what I quoted above, which is not ideal.  

As far as being obsoleted by Damien's labeller patches, let's cross that
bridge when we come to it.  Unless somebody objects, I'd be willing to
push some version of this now.