Re: emacs-notmuch: notmuch-show-hook runs too early

Subject: Re: emacs-notmuch: notmuch-show-hook runs too early

Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2021 16:23:53 -0400

To: yoctocell,

Cc: David Edmondson

From: David Bremner

yoctocell <> writes:

> I am using a package called gnus-article-treat-patch[0] which colorizes
> patches in emails. It works expected when I manually call
> `ft/gnus-article-treat-patch' in a notmuch-show buffer, but it doesn't
> work when I add it as a hook.
> (add-hook 'notmuch-show-hook 'ft/gnus-article-treat-patch)
> `notmuch-show-hook' seems to be called too early so
> `ft/gnus-article-treat-patch' isn't able to read the contents of the
> message and apply any highlighting.
> I managed to get it to work with the following patch.

Can you have a look at

and see if that approach would work with you?

At first glance I am more in favour of adding a hook than changing the
semantics of an existing one.

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