Re: Cannot Start Notmuch (invalid-read-syntax "#")

Subject: Re: Cannot Start Notmuch (invalid-read-syntax "#")

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 13:50:22 -0300

To: Charles-André Roy


From: David Bremner

Charles-André Roy <> writes:

> Hello David,
> Thank you for your responses !
> 1. I looked at the load-path variable and the $HOME directory per se is
> not in it.  There are many directories in $HOME/.emacs.d leading to
> packages I have installed.
> 2. I installed notmuch-emacs through the Debian packages
> apt list gives notmuch-emacs/now 0.28.4-1 all  [installé, local]

That is quite old (from buster I guess?). Can you try elpa-notmuch 0.31.4-2
from bullseye?  That version you have of notmuch-emacs should be a dummy package
depending on elpa-notmuch, so safe to remove.

> apt list also gives notmuch/stable,now 0.31.4-2 amd64  [installé]
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