notmuch CLI version mismatch

Subject: notmuch CLI version mismatch

Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 08:28:47 +0200



From: Anders Sommerfelt Nielsen

Hello, I am using Notmuch on Emacs, FreeBSD, it has been working great,
even that i am quite new to Emacs.
Yesterday I got a Problem reading my mails with notmuch. And a
currentlig getting this error.

[Thu Aug 26 08:21:06 2021]
notmuch CLI version mismatch
Emacs requested a newer output format than supported by the notmuch CLI.
You may need to restart Emacs or upgrade your notmuch package.

I have tried to update all my Emacs packages, recompiled emacs and
notmuch for the FreeBSD Ports collection and are now running

notmuch-0.32.3                     =
notmuch-emacs28-0.32.2_1           <
emacs-devel-,2     =

notmuch                        20210822.1412  dependency            run notmuch within emacs

I tried running this 'emacs -Q -L /path/to/your/notmuch/lisp --eval "(require 'notmuch)"'
but i get the same error, can any of you point me in the right


				Mvh/Best regards
				Anders S Nielsen
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