inbox-update: new competition of notmuch-lore

Subject: inbox-update: new competition of notmuch-lore

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2023 19:26:28 -0600


Cc: Tobias Waldekranz

From: Felipe Contreras


I'm moving from mbsync to public-inbox and I find there aren't many tools to
make it work with notmuch.

I gave a try to notmuch-lore [1] but I found it too slow and had a couple of

So I wrote my own script to convert public-inbox mailing lists to Maildir
format: notmuch-tools/inbox-update [2].

It's much faster at the initial clone, it deals with deleted mails, and YAML is
a much better configuration format.

Also, you can configure which epochs you want to fetch (notmuch-lore fetches
all of them).

One thing it doesn't yet do is trim the repository once the mails have been
converted, but that's probably easy to add later on.

You can check the GitHub page for more information [2].



Felipe Contreras
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