Re: [PATCH] VIM: Make an option to save sent mail locally

Subject: Re: [PATCH] VIM: Make an option to save sent mail locally

Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 22:27:44 +0200

To: Ian Main, Ian Main


From: Franz Fellner

Ian Main wrote:
> Franz Fellner wrote:
> > Why not simply use Notmuch::Database.add_message? Would save a
> > system-call.
> > One could easily copy the sent mail into nm_db_path/sent/cur, add it to the db, tag it.
> > Though I don't know enough about maildir handling, but probably rubys
> > Mail module could help here.
> So you are saying I'd have to copy the message to the database and then call
> Notmuch::Database.add_message()?  If so I think I'd rather stick with the
> system call..
Yes, that was my intention. I usually prefer using a stable API rather then realying on CLI.
But that's just preference ;)

All in all it works. So LGTM.

> > Another issue is configuration. Hardcoding "Sent" probably won't fit
> > everyones needs. And (if I understand DOCS correctly) db.add_message
> > doesn't even force you to keep sent mail folder inside db_path; correct
> > me if I'm wrong :) notmuch --insert will put it into folder relative to
> > db_path.
> Yeah, I can add it so the folder can be changed.  I figured this was just the
> start of things.  Really we should be able to fcc it to our upstream provider
> sent mailbox too.
That MIGHT get hard.
All accounts I use store the mails I send to their smtp-server locally, I could sync them again through IMAP.
GMail for example does that. Pushing those mails upstream again is useless.
But there might be setups where it is neccessary to manually store mails inside a sent folder that get's afterwards synced with the IMAP server.

So if you want that to work in any case we might need to introduce settings for user accounts...