[PATCH v5] emacs: notmuch-tree-outline-mode

Subject: [PATCH v5] emacs: notmuch-tree-outline-mode

Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 15:24:13 +0100

To: notmuch@notmuchmail.org

Cc: jao

From: jao

With this mode, one can fold trees in the notmuch-tree buffer as if
they were outlines, using all the commands provided by
outline-minor-mode.  We also define a couple of movement commands
that, optional, will ensure that only the thread around point is

The implementation is based on registering a :level property in the
messages p-list, that is then used by outline-minor-mode to to
recognise headers.

This version supersedes v4 (id:20220923203449.3747562-1-jao@gnu.org)
by dispensing with the use of invisible text.  Now, if desired,
notmuch-tree-outline-mode could live in its own
notmuch-tree-outline-mode.el without circular deps, but i don't see
a pressing need given that notmuch-tree.el is nicely outlined.

Signed-off-by: jao <jao@gnu.org>
 doc/notmuch-emacs.rst |  23 ++++++
 emacs/notmuch-tree.el | 181 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 204 insertions(+)

diff --git a/doc/notmuch-emacs.rst b/doc/notmuch-emacs.rst
index 846f5e67..b5f88a98 100644
--- a/doc/notmuch-emacs.rst
+++ b/doc/notmuch-emacs.rst
@@ -606,6 +606,29 @@ can be controlled by the variable ``notmuch-search-oldest-first``.
    See also :el:defcustom:`notmuch-search-result-format` and
+It is also possible to enable outlines in notmuch tree buffers, via
+The behaviour of this minor mode is affected by the following
+customizable variables:
+.. el:defcustom:: notmuch-tree-outline-enabled
+   |docstring::notmuch-tree-outline-enabled|
+.. el:defcustom:: notmuch-tree-outline-visibility
+   |docstring::notmuch-tree-outline-visibility|
+.. el:defcustom:: notmuch-tree-outline-auto-close
+   |docstring::notmuch-tree-outline-auto-close|
+.. el:defcustom:: notmuch-tree-outline-open-on-next
+   |docstring::notmuch-tree-outline-open-on-next|
 .. _notmuch-unthreaded:
diff --git a/emacs/notmuch-tree.el b/emacs/notmuch-tree.el
index b3c2c992..3c92b839 100644
--- a/emacs/notmuch-tree.el
+++ b/emacs/notmuch-tree.el
@@ -1034,6 +1034,8 @@ message together with all its descendents."
     (setq msg (plist-put msg :first (and first (eq 0 depth))))
     (setq msg (plist-put msg :tree-status tree-status))
     (setq msg (plist-put msg :orig-tags (plist-get msg :tags)))
+    (setq msg (plist-put msg
+			 :level (1+ (if (and (eq 0 depth) (not first)) 1 depth))))
     (notmuch-tree-goto-and-insert-msg msg)
     (pop tree-status)
     (pop tree-status)
@@ -1278,6 +1280,185 @@ search results and that are also tagged with the given TAG."
+;;; Tree outline mode
+;;;; Custom variables
+(defcustom notmuch-tree-outline-enabled nil
+  "Whether to automatically activate `notmuch-tree-outline-mode' in tree views."
+  :type 'boolean)
+(defcustom notmuch-tree-outline-visibility 'hide-others
+  "Default state of the forest outline for `notmuch-tree-outline-mode'.
+This variable controls the state of a forest initially and after
+a movement command.  If set to nil, all trees are displayed while
+the symbol hide-all indicates that all trees in the forest should
+be folded and hide-other that only the first one should be
+  :type '(choice (const :tag "Show all" nil)
+		 (const :tag "Hide others" hide-others)
+		 (const :tag "Hide all" hide-all)))
+(defcustom notmuch-tree-outline-auto-close nil
+  "Close message and tree windows when moving past the last message."
+  :type 'boolean)
+(defcustom notmuch-tree-outline-open-on-next nil
+  "Open new messages under point if they are closed when moving to next one.
+When this flag is set, using the command
+`notmuch-tree-outline-next' with point on a header for a new
+message that is not shown will open its `notmuch-show' buffer
+instead of moving point to next matching message."
+  :type 'boolean)
+;;;; Helper functions
+(defsubst notmuch-tree-outline--pop-at-end (pop-at-end)
+  (if notmuch-tree-outline-auto-close (not pop-at-end) pop-at-end))
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline--enable-mode ()
+  (when notmuch-tree-outline-enabled (notmuch-tree-outline-mode 1)))
+(add-hook 'notmuch-tree-mode-hook #'notmuch-tree-outline--enable-mode)
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline--set-visibility ()
+  (when (and notmuch-tree-outline-mode (> (point-max) (point-min)))
+    (cond ((eq notmuch-tree-outline-visibility 'hide-others)
+	   (notmuch-tree-outline-hide-others))
+	  ((eq notmuch-tree-outline-visibility 'hide-all)
+	   (outline-hide-body)))))
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline--on-exit (proc)
+  (when (eq (process-status proc) 'exit)
+    (notmuch-tree-outline--set-visibility)))
+(add-hook 'notmuch-tree-process-exit-functions #'notmuch-tree-outline--on-exit)
+(defsubst notmuch-tree-outline--level (&optional props)
+  (or (plist-get (or props (notmuch-tree-get-message-properties)) :level) 0))
+(defsubst notmuch-tree-outline--message-open-p ()
+  (and (buffer-live-p notmuch-tree-message-buffer)
+       (get-buffer-window notmuch-tree-message-buffer)
+       (string-match-p (regexp-quote (or (notmuch-tree-get-message-id) ""))
+		       (buffer-name notmuch-tree-message-buffer))))
+(defsubst notmuch-tree-outline--at-original-match-p ()
+  (and (notmuch-tree-get-prop :match)
+       (equal (notmuch-tree-get-prop :orig-tags)
+              (notmuch-tree-get-prop :tags))))
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline--next (prev thread pop-at-end &optional open-new)
+  (cond (thread
+	 (notmuch-tree-thread-top)
+	 (if prev
+	     (outline-backward-same-level 1)
+	   (outline-forward-same-level 1))
+	 (when (> (notmuch-tree-outline--level) 0) (outline-show-branches))
+	 (notmuch-tree-outline--next nil nil pop-at-end t))
+	((and (or open-new notmuch-tree-outline-open-on-next)
+	      (notmuch-tree-outline--at-original-match-p)
+	      (not (notmuch-tree-outline--message-open-p)))
+	 (notmuch-tree-outline-hide-others t))
+	(t (outline-next-visible-heading (if prev -1 1))
+	   (unless (notmuch-tree-get-prop :match)
+	     (notmuch-tree-matching-message prev pop-at-end))
+	   (notmuch-tree-outline-hide-others t))))
+;;;; User commands
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline-hide-others (&optional and-show)
+  "Fold all threads except the one around point.
+If AND-SHOW is t, make the current message visible if it's not."
+  (interactive)
+  (save-excursion
+    (while (and (not (bobp)) (> (notmuch-tree-outline--level) 1))
+      (outline-previous-heading))
+    (outline-hide-sublevels 1))
+  (when (> (notmuch-tree-outline--level) 0)
+    (outline-show-subtree)
+    (when and-show (notmuch-tree-show-message nil))))
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline-next (&optional pop-at-end)
+  "Next matching message in a forest, taking care of thread visibility.
+A prefix argument reverses the meaning of `notmuch-tree-outline-auto-close'."
+  (interactive "P")
+  (let ((pop (notmuch-tree-outline--pop-at-end pop-at-end)))
+    (if (null notmuch-tree-outline-visibility)
+	(notmuch-tree-matching-message nil pop)
+      (notmuch-tree-outline--next nil nil pop))))
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline-previous (&optional pop-at-end)
+  "Previous matching message in forest, taking care of thread visibility.
+With prefix, quit the tree view if there is no previous message."
+  (interactive "P")
+  (if (null notmuch-tree-outline-visibility)
+      (notmuch-tree-prev-matching-message pop-at-end)
+    (notmuch-tree-outline--next t nil pop-at-end)))
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline-next-thread ()
+  "Next matching thread in forest, taking care of thread visibility."
+  (interactive)
+  (if (null notmuch-tree-outline-visibility)
+      (notmuch-tree-next-thread)
+    (notmuch-tree-outline--next nil t nil)))
+(defun notmuch-tree-outline-previous-thread ()
+  "Previous matching thread in forest, taking care of thread visibility."
+  (interactive)
+  (if (null notmuch-tree-outline-visibility)
+      (notmuch-tree-prev-thread)
+    (notmuch-tree-outline--next t t nil)))
+;;;; Mode definition
+(defvar notmuch-tree-outline-mode-lighter nil
+  "The lighter mark for notmuch-tree-outline mode.
+Usually empty since outline-minor-mode's lighter will be active.")
+(define-minor-mode notmuch-tree-outline-mode
+  "Minor mode allowing message trees to be folded as outlines.
+When this mode is set, each thread and subthread in the results
+list is treated as a foldable section, with its first message as
+its header.
+The mode just makes available in the tree buffer all the
+keybindings in `outline-minor-mode', and binds the following
+additional keys:
+The customizable variable `notmuch-tree-outline-visibility'
+controls how navigation in the buffer is affected by this mode:
+  - If it is set to nil, `notmuch-tree-outline-previous',
+    `notmuch-tree-outline-next', and their thread counterparts
+    behave just as the corresponding notmuch-tree navigation keys
+    when this mode is not enabled.
+  - If, on the other hand, `notmuch-tree-outline-visibility' is
+    set to a non-nil value, these commands hiding the outlines of
+    the trees you are not reading as you move to new messages.
+To enable notmuch-tree-outline-mode by default in all
+notmuch-tree buffers, just set
+`notmuch-tree-outline-mode-enabled' to t."
+  :lighter notmuch-tree-outline-mode-lighter
+  :keymap `((,(kbd "TAB") . outline-cycle)
+	    (,(kbd "M-TAB") . outline-cycle-buffer)
+	    ("n" . notmuch-tree-outline-next)
+	    ("p" . notmuch-tree-outline-previous)
+	    (,(kbd "M-n") . notmuch-tree-outline-next-thread)
+	    (,(kbd "M-p") . notmuch-tree-outline-previous-thread))
+  (outline-minor-mode notmuch-tree-outline-mode)
+  (unless (derived-mode-p 'notmuch-tree-mode)
+    (user-error "notmuch-tree-outline-mode is only meaningful for notmuch trees!"))
+  (if notmuch-tree-outline-mode
+      (progn (setq-local outline-regexp "^[^\n]+"
+			 outline-level #'notmuch-tree-outline--level)
+	     (notmuch-tree-outline--set-visibility))
+    (setq-local outline-regexp (default-value 'outline-regexp)
+		outline-level (default-value 'outline-level))))
+>>>>>>> 5e1083b7 (emacs: notmuch-tree-outline-mode)
 ;;; _
 (provide 'notmuch-tree)

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