[PATCH] doc/emacs: define and use emacsvar and emacscmd markup

Subject: [PATCH] doc/emacs: define and use emacsvar and emacscmd markup

Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2022 09:03:56 -0300

To: notmuch@notmuchmail.org


From: David Bremner

This makes it easier to navigate the merged index of all of the
notmuch documentation.
 doc/conf.py           |  9 +++++
 doc/notmuch-emacs.rst | 78 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 2 files changed, 56 insertions(+), 31 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/conf.py b/doc/conf.py
index 8cb65060..11896b50 100644
--- a/doc/conf.py
+++ b/doc/conf.py
@@ -222,3 +222,12 @@ def setup(app):
                         indextemplate='pair: configuration item; %s',
                         objname='config item' )
+    app.add_object_type('emacsvar','emacsvar',
+                        indextemplate='pair: Emacs variable; %s',
+                        ref_nodeclass=docutils.nodes.generated,
+                        objname='Emacs variable')
+    app.add_object_type('emacscmd','emacscmd',
+                        indextemplate='pair: Emacs command; %s',
+                        ref_nodeclass=docutils.nodes.generated,
+                        objname='Emacs command')
diff --git a/doc/notmuch-emacs.rst b/doc/notmuch-emacs.rst
index 73a2ad76..b990296a 100644
--- a/doc/notmuch-emacs.rst
+++ b/doc/notmuch-emacs.rst
@@ -50,16 +50,20 @@ a mouse or by positioning the cursor and pressing ``<return>``
 You can change the overall appearance of the notmuch-hello screen by
 customizing the variables
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-hello-sections
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-hello-thousands-separator
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-show-logo
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-column-control
     Controls the number of columns for saved searches/tags in notmuch view.
     This variable has three potential types of values:
@@ -137,25 +141,28 @@ The saved searches default to various common searches such as
 ``tag:inbox`` to access the inbox and ``tag:unread`` to access all
 unread mail, but there are several options for customization:
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-saved-searches
     The list of saved searches, including names, queries, and
     additional per-query options.
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-saved-search-sort-function
     This variable controls how saved searches should be sorted. A value
     of ``nil`` displays the saved searches in the order they are stored
     in ‘notmuch-saved-searches’.
-    Controls the number of columns for displaying saved-searches/tags
 Search Box
 The search box lets the user enter a Notmuch query. See section
 “Description” in Notmuch Query Syntax, for more info on Notmuch query
 syntax. A history of recent searches is also displayed by default. The
-latter is controlled by the variable :index:`notmuch-hello-recent-searches-max`.
+latter is controlled by the variable `notmuch-hello-recent-searches-max`.
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-hello-recent-searches-max
+              |docstring::notmuch-hello-recent-searches-max|
 Known Tags
@@ -164,15 +171,14 @@ One special kind of saved search provided by default is for each
 individual tag defined in the database. This can be controlled via the
 following variables.
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-hello-tag-list-make-query
     Control how to construct a search (“virtual folder”) from a given
-    Which tags not to display at all.
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-hello-hide-tags
-    Controls the number of columns for displaying saved-searches/tags
+    Which tags not to display at all.
 .. _notmuch-search:
@@ -209,20 +215,24 @@ menu of results that the user can explore further by pressing
 The presentation of results can be controlled by the following
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-search-result-format
     Control how each thread of messages is presented in the
     ``notmuch-show-mode`` buffer
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-search-oldest-first
     Display the oldest threads at the top of the buffer
 It is also possible to customize how the name of buffers containing
 search results is formatted using the following variables:
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-search-buffer-name-format
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-saved-search-buffer-name-format
@@ -270,16 +280,19 @@ pressing RET after positioning the cursor on a hidden part.
 Display of messages can be controlled by the following variables; see also :ref:`show-large`.
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-message-headers
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-message-headers-visible
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-show-header-line
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-multipart/alternative-discouraged
    Which mime types to hide by default for multipart messages.
@@ -476,7 +489,7 @@ prefix (:kbd:`C-u k`), notmuch displays a menu of the reverses of the
 operations specified in ``notmuch-tagging-keys``; i.e. each
 ``+tag`` is replaced by ``-tag`` and vice versa.
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-tagging-keys
@@ -488,17 +501,18 @@ notmuch-tag-undo
 Each notmuch buffer supporting tagging operations (i.e buffers in
 :any:`notmuch-show`, :any:`notmuch-search`, :any:`notmuch-tree`, and
 :any:`notmuch-unthreaded` mode) keeps a local stack of tagging
-operations. These can be undone via ``notmuch-tag-undo``. By default
+operations. These can be undone via :emacscmd:`notmuch-tag-undo`. By default
 this is bound to the usual Emacs keys for undo.
+.. emacscmd:: notmuch-tag-undo
 Buffer navigation
+.. emacscmd:: notmuch-cycle-notmuch-buffers
@@ -509,23 +523,25 @@ Configuration
 Importing Mail
+.. emacscmd:: notmuch-poll
+.. emacsvar:: notmuch-poll-script
 Sending Mail
+.. emacsvar:: mail-user-agent
        Emacs consults the variable :code:`mail-user-agent` to choose a mail
        sending package for commands like :code:`report-emacs-bug` and
        :code:`compose-mail`.  To use ``notmuch`` for this, customize this
        variable to the symbol :code:`notmuch-user-agent`.
+.. emacsvar:: message-dont-reply-to-names
        When composing mail replies, Emacs's message mode uses the
        variable :code:`message-dont-reply-to-names` to exclude

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