v2 lazy body insertion

Subject: v2 lazy body insertion

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 08:59:31 -0300

To: notmuch@notmuchmail.org


From: David Bremner

This obsoletes the series at [1]. Compared to that series, this does
not introduce an extra layer of buttons, but just toggles more parts
closed.  It still seems to be a similar (maybe even better, which is
suprising) performance improvement.  While doing this revision I
realized that notmuch-show-max-text-part-size can play a similar
role. There are some details to check there, in particular the setting
of 0 to disable is unfortunate.

In some sense the heuristic of only (fully) displaying shallow
messages is backwards. Most likely the thing user wants to read are
things near the leaves of the discussion tree. That will require
either extending the notmuch-show CLI output (boo!) or a second
recursive traversal of every message in emacs. I'll have to see if the
latter is a performance problem.

This revision also adds a few more performance tests, to avoid
overfitting to the display of one thread.

[1]: id:20220605170851.1595387-1-david@tethera.net

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