RFC convert remaining CLI to new configuration

Subject: RFC convert remaining CLI to new configuration

Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2021 12:44:30 -0400

To: notmuch@notmuchmail.org


From: David Bremner

This is an early version of a series to convert the remaining CLI
(config, setup, and notmuch_command) to the new configuration framework.

There are a few design decisions / compromomises that people might
have opinions about.

- The merged config API uses a notmuch_data_t as the primary
  "object". This mostly makes sense (since you nead a database
  anyway), but here I needed to add a function
  "notmuch_database_load_config", which does not really open the database.

- There is a bit of growth in the public API here, including
  notmuch_database_get_config_values, and the config_pairs iterators.

- The notmuch_config_set_{field} API is kept around soley for use in

- The location of the backups when upgrading is now configurable, with
  the default changing to a subdirectory. The latter change is
  arguably gratitous.

- The behaviour of "notmuch config set" is changed with respect to
  storing in the database. Rather than silently doing so for a
  selected set of keys, it now does so optionally for any set of keys.
  I think this is positive for users, but requires e.g. a few tweaks
  to our test suite. It is conceivable that it may require some
  updates to advanced users scripts as well.
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