preliminaries for merged config

Subject: preliminaries for merged config

Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 19:49:25 -0300



From: David Bremner

This collects all of the patches from that
are reasonable changes on their own, without wading into the new API design.

Two updates to tests

[PATCH 1/6] test: use keys with group 'test' in T590-libconfig
[PATCH 5/6] test: add regression test for searching with alternate

Three patches breaking up

[PATCH 2/6] lib: factor out feature name related code.
[PATCH 3/6] lib: factor out prefix related code to its own file
[PATCH 6/6] lib: factor out notmuch_database_open* related code to

One genuine (if a bit obscure) bug fix:

[PATCH 4/6] lib/config: delay setting talloc destructor

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