Re: notmuch release 0.28.2 now available

Subject: Re: notmuch release 0.28.2 now available

Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2019 02:31:29 +0100

To: David Bremner


From: Chris Coutinho

On Feb-17-19, David Bremner wrote:
>Where to obtain notmuch 0.28.2
>Which can be verified with:
>  85a6498033451e188bcebbb3a4841e77c8d07b7fb1db89f17a74d6038f73e931  notmuch-0.28.2.tar.gz
>  (signed by David Bremner)
>What's new in notmuch 0.28.2
>Invoke gpg with --batch and --no-tty.
>Python Bindings
>Fix documentation build with Python 3.7. Note that Python >= 3.3 is
>now needed to build this documentation.
>What is notmuch
>Notmuch is a system for indexing, searching, reading, and tagging
>large collections of email messages in maildir or mh format. It uses
>the Xapian library to provide fast, full-text search with a convenient
>search syntax.
>For more about notmuch, see

>notmuch mailing list

Hi David,

Would you mind bumping the package on OpenSUSE? It's currently stuck on 
0.26.0 and has been broken since OpenSUSE Tumbleweed moved onto python 

If you need help with this let me know

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