Re: DRAFT Introduce CFFI-based Python bindings

Subject: Re: DRAFT Introduce CFFI-based Python bindings

Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2017 00:57:38 +0100

To: Floris Bruynooghe


From: Florian Klink

>> I guess you'll have to convince the maintainers / users of alot and afew
>> that this makes sense before we go much further. I'd point out that
>> Debian stable is only at python 3.5, so that makes me a bit wary of this
>> (being able to run the test suite on debian stable and similar aged
>> distros useful for me, and I suspect other developers).
>> I know there are issues with memory management in the current bindings,
>> so that may be a strong reason to push to python 3.6; it seems to need
>> more investigation at the moment.
>I am generally in favour of modernizing the notmuch python bindings,
>especially when it comes to memory management and exception handling.
>At the moment, the alot interface officially only supports python v2.7
>but our dependencies have now mostly been updated and we are working on
>port to python 3, see here:

afew maintainer here ;-)

I'm also very much in favor of a more modern and pythonic interface, and would
gladly support retiring python 2, moving to the new interface.

I had a quick glimpse on the code, and would like to do some annotations. I fear
it's a bit awkward to do this inside the huge patch, which might already have
changed, and send back via email.
Did you publish a changeset to github, or somewhere else where I could comment
on it?

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