Searching messages by size with notmuch

Subject: Searching messages by size with notmuch

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 16:13:18 +0100



From: Antoine Amarilli

Hi everyone,

After chatting on #notmuch, I wanted to suggest a feature which would be
useful, at least to me: searching for messages by size.

My use case would be to look for long messages, but dkg on IRC mentioned
that it could also be useful to clean up messages to save disk space.

It is unclear whether the size of a message should be defined as that of
a single copy of the message, or that of all copies; and it is unclear
whether it should be the total size (for my purposes I would have been
interested in the size of the plaintext part of the message only).
Ideally I'd say that all of these could make sense.

Would anyone else on the list be interested by such a feature?


Antoine Amarilli

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