Dodo: a new graphical, hackable frontend for notmuch

Subject: Dodo: a new graphical, hackable frontend for notmuch

Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2022 15:07:26 +0000



From: Aleks Kissinger

Hi all,

We all like to unwind in different ways over the holidays. For me, I
decided to write a new GUI frontend for notmuch based on PyQt.

It's called Dodo:

The main goals are to:

 * offer keyboard-oriented mail reading, sorting, and composing
 * give a mostly text-based email experience by default, but with easy
   access to HTML support
 * offload as much work as possible on existing command-line tools
 * be simple enough to customise and hack on yourself

As it's mostly come to life over the past few weeks, Dodo is still
pretty rough around the edges, but most of the core functionality is
there. I'd be happy to hear what you think!



p.s. I added a link to Dodo on the notmuch site using the instructions
(, but maybe didn't do it right or it
takes some manual intervention to update the website.
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