[astroid] Announcing Astroid v0.14

Subject: [astroid] Announcing Astroid v0.14

Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2018 21:32:51 +0200

To: astroidmail@googlegroups.com, notmuch@notmuchmail.org


From: Gaute Hope


Astroid v0.14 has been released!

  Astroid is a lightweight and fast graphical threads-with-tags email
  client for notmuch. Written in C++ using GTK+, WebKit2 and GMime.

Astroid can be acquired, along with instructions for use, at:


  once you get Astroid running press '?' to get a list of keybindings
  for the current context. For 'The Tour' check out:


## Changes since v0.13

* Use cmark by default as markdown processor.

* Respect $NOTMUCH_CONFIG and ignore configuration option if set. Otherwise fall back to option from configuration file.

* We now have a man page! Generated either by scdoc or ronn.

* Number of bugfixes.

Gaute Hope (24):
      log: re-introduce log-level command line option to overrdide config
      git: only ignore build/ dirs, not build*
      tv: remove deactived syntax code
      readme: update demo image
      cmake: webkit2gtk >= 2.20 is required
      w2: fix jump to top / bottom
      readme: fix typos
      fix #535: close correct tab if Mode::close is called on non-active tab
      cmake: libhypocycloid should always be static
      test: bump plugins to GIR v0.2
      fix #541: use 'cmark' rather than 'marked' as default markdown processor
      cmake: generate and install man pages using either scdoc or ronn"
      man: mention $NOTMUCH_CONFIG (93ef250b)
      history: man page
      fix #539: reference to LICENSE.md.
      fix #542 cf: do not show default startup queries when intentionally cleared. force saved_searches if no startup queries.
      cmake, man: add option to disable manpage generation -DDISABLE_DOCS=ON
      fix #548: correctly clear messages and focus state when loading new thread
      mw: remove modes when closing window
      tests: make gpg setup more verbose
      tests: quote cp src dir
      fix #550: use srcdoc attribute when setting message content in iframe
      tv, iframe: delay set iframe src in order to let body element be rendered first
      Release v0.14

Iain Buclaw (1):
      fix #501: Add hook to signal_delete_event, ensure proper destruction of window

Johannes Löthberg (1):
      Use NOTMUCH_CONFIG if set, otherwise expand astroid.notmuch_config

Timothée Floure (4):
      Add initial manual page astroid(1)
      Add the --log-level option to the manpage
      Rephrase the 'NOTE' (on software used with astroid) section of the manpage
      Mention the possibility to customize the thread-view in the manpage

Tristan Cacqueray (1):
      cmake: fix scalable icon install path

Yurii Rashkovskii (1):
      Problem: tests/run-test.sh might fail

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