gmailieer v0.4

Subject: gmailieer v0.4

Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2017 13:19:47 +0100



From: Gaute Hope


I just release gmailieer v0.4! The changes can be seen listed below, get 
the latest version here:

Regards, Gaute


2017-11-19 b7a9237 Gaute Hope release v0.4 (HEAD -> master, tag: v0.4, origin/master)
2017-11-17 5a9f3f7 Gaute Hope drop missing labels (if allowed) (origin/pr/51, origin/missing-gmail-label, missing-gmail-label)
2017-11-17 8beacba Gaute Hope add inverse option for unsetting replace slash with dot
2017-11-16 90bc1fb Giulio Eulisse add 'unknown' tag when there is a non-existing label
2017-11-17 28973a7 Gaute Hope avoid one extra dict lookup
2017-11-16 262c604 Gaute Hope reindent
2017-11-16 e1eedcc Gaute Hope pull: print gmail key for label as well
2017-11-14 18cc5fb Gaute Hope don't make backup on first write
2017-10-10 1eff3f6 Gaute Hope remote: copy backup, not move
2017-10-10 e3efa2c Gaute Hope local: store backup of .gmailieer.json every time
2017-10-10 ddb5337 Gaute Hope remote: accept empty message pages
2017-10-10 2bfab2b Gaute Hope pull, remote: fail fast on missing history field. (origin/history-again, history-again)
2017-10-10 2eb1fb7 Gaute Hope partial, remote: re-try to fetch history if missing history page.
2017-10-10 473c6aa Gaute Hope remote: GenericException -> Remote.GenericException
2017-10-07 c568745 Gaute Hope resp.code should be resp.status
2017-09-15 2901d76 Julian Andres Klode Do not pass self to self.__update_cache__()
2017-09-15 c050358 Julian Andres Klode Fix reference to gid that should be old_gid
2017-09-15 68a173c Gaute Hope factor out cache handling and clarify that we are operating on GIDs (origin/pr/44, origin/add-all, add-all)
2017-09-15 f66000c Gaute Hope local: add all files corresponding to message id to local cache
2017-09-15 b74da5f Gaute Hope get_content(): compact list filter (origin/pr/42, origin/also-new, also-new)
2017-09-15 fff8484 Gaute Hope local: add newly added messages to cache
2017-09-12 6d9cc52 Gaute Hope local: include messages stored in new in cache as well
2017-09-13 8ae3bc7 Gaute Hope remote: reduce default batch size to 50 (as encouraged by google) to avoid throttling.
2017-09-12 dc62fe6 Gaute Hope local: do not add 'T' to maildir-flags (same as notmuch)
2017-09-12 cb203e3 Gaute Hope local: don't remove message from cache during dry-run
2017-09-10 331cd0f Gaute Hope local: fix #41: check if message file is in root maildir, not just in cur/
2017-09-08 71ce2b2 Gaute Hope local: store received mail with POSIX line endings depending on os.linesep

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