question re:

Subject: question re:

Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2020 15:52:57 +0200



From: Robert Mirbaha


first: great job and a great tool.

I am not a developer so please bear with me.

This patch -
- from 2015 did not seem to make it in to the main build. Is this
functionality (defining custom flags) available in some other way. I
spent a whole day searching and didn't find an answer.

I would like to map this maildir flag ",a*e*"
so the "e" to a new notmuch flag "todo". How can I do that?

I put this in my .notmuch-config: customflag_e = todo in the [maildir]
section but to no avail. Also tried customflag_e=todo

Many thanks

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